Financial planning is not just about saving and investing to meet your goals. It's also about managing risks that could jeopardize your financial well-being. With this in place, you can be assured that any holes between your existing financial situation and your future goals will be filled.

At Kusek Financial we believe that having the proper insurance in place is not only a prudent financial decision but also a responsible choice that provides a sense of security for you and those who depend on you.

Kusek Financial offers life, long term care and disability insurance. While most people are familiar with life insurance, both long term care and disability offer protection for health care needs and income replacement that we might need down the road.

Long term care insurance goes beyond medical care to include all the assistance you might need if you ever have a chronic illness or disability that leaves you unable to care for yourself for an extended period of time. As many as 1 in 3 of us will require some type of long term care during our lifetime, yet many do not have the insurance to cover these expenses. The most common mistake is that government programs cover this cost, when in fact they do not. The greatest gift of long-term care insurance is that it allows loved ones to supervise your care and not have to provide your care.

Disability income insurance can help to replace your income if you become unable to work. And while many people have this type of coverage at their workplace, many self-employed people and small business owners do not, placing them at the most risk if they cannot work and provide for their families.

Kusek Financial discusses the insurance planning piece of your financial future every step of the way.