Estate Planning

Estate planning has a simple definition ? managing personal wealth so you and your loved ones can enjoy to the fullest the good things you've earned in your lifetime. At Kusek Financial Group, we partner with our clients every step of the way toward just this brand of solid financial security.

Besides helping you effectively plan for your estate's disposal, we work to maximize your estate's value through tax reduction and other cost-saving measures.

This means taking measures now in order to reduce estate taxes later. In a regulatory climate fraught with uncertainty, we consider proactive planning an absolute priority.

Here's why:

Similar to gift taxes, estate tax fees can come in at much higher rates than do personal income taxes. The Estate Tax Credit counters this to some degree, but its history has been erratic at best.

In a nutshell, this program permits American citizens to distribute a certain portion of their estates to heirs tax-free. In contrast to the Gift Tax Credit, the Estate Tax Credit is applicable only after an individual's death upon the estate's distribution. And, as with many laws and taxes, they are a moving target, so it is prudent to stay on top of changing legislation and how it could affect you. Kusek Financial stands ready to help you navigate the changes as they come.

Avoid this trap for yourself and your heirs. A large estate may be the single biggest tax liability of your lifetime, but Kusek Financial Group works to minimize the burden through comprehensive planning, appropriate financial products and various types of trusts. In addition to our in-house expertise, we collaborate with the area's leading estate planning attorneys and certified public accountants to devise a strategy designed to help protect what you have earned for generations to come.

At Kusek Financial Group, protecting and preserving your wealth is our number one goal.